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Retainer Program
Being a retainer client of The Management Trust means you have full access to the knowledge and experience of a fully trained human resource professional.  We’re not talking about an associate with limited experience, but someone who has over 25 years of hands-on knowledge of what to do and what to say in almost any circumstance that can come your way.

Unlimited Phone/Fax/E-mail Access

As a retainer client of The Management Trust, you have access to full-time advice for your everyday employee relations problems.  Why worry whether or not you should terminate an employee when all you have to do is make a quick call and get an expert opinion on the subject.  With only a quick phone call or e-mail you will know exactly what to do and what to say.  For example:
  • What can I do/not do when it comes to talking with an applicant?
  • What should I say if I want to discipline an employee?
  • How should I approach an applicant who I think may be disabled?
  • What should I write down after an employee interview?
  • How do I get an employee/applicant to tell me what I need to know?
  • Should I send a new employee a welcoming letter?  What should be in it? How should I handle my meeting with a difficult employee...and what should I say to their to get their attention?

and on and on….

In the future, these and hundreds of other questions will be a quick e-mail or phone call away. If you are long-distance, you are provided with a toll-free number so there is no excuse for not calling.  Of course, with e-mail, you are in touch wherever there is a computer with Internet access. won't go a day or two without a return call.  We always return calls within a few hours and never forget to follow-up.  It's always about the details and we are very good at making sure everything gets done on time.

Examples of other questions or information right at your fingertips:
  • An appraisal for a troublesome employee
  • A warning notice that is expertly written
  • A termination letter that is to the point and without bias
  • A new employee application form
  • What should be in an employee's personnel folder?
  • What posters must I have on premises?
  • What kind of waiver forms should I be using?
  • When do I have to pay a terminated employee?

And much, much more.

Preferred Client Discounts:

All Management Trust retainer clients receive preferred client discounts for any billed services.

Management Bulletins

As a retainer client, you will also receive a regular bulletin with the latest information and goings on to help you manage your employees.  We are avid readers and pass on any meaningful information to you on a timely basis.  You will receive bulletins every other week on such topics as FMLA, recent court rulings on wrongful discharge or other issues, the latest on COBRA, up-to-date statistics on unemployment or CPI figures, how to deal with employee fraud, and many more issues.  We also pass along pertinent information on politics, business or word events that have a direct impact on your business.  There will always be something for everyone...regardless of your industry or company size. Also passed on will be articles and bits of information that you can read or use as a catalyst for further research.  If information is what you need, The Management Trust will help you find it.  When in doubt, call and we can put you on the right path.

How Much is the Annual Retainer ?

Contact The Management Trust about our reasonable annual retainer fees.  You will find what many other employers have found since 1996--that The Management Trust is an economical way to get control of your human resource concerns.  You will be amazed at how little the retainer is and how easy it is for you to afford the knowledge that we provide.
It may be the best investment you will ever make for your employees and for your business