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H.R. Program Audits
If you are wondering if your current HR program measure up to current law or standards, why wonder any longer? Just ask The Management Trust to conduct an audit and know for yourself.You will know where you stand on such issues as policy administration, employment law, what you can and cannot say to employees and the like.
When finished, you will know exactly what needs to be changed and why. You will be told what was reviewed, what must be changed and the consequences if you don’t. To us, that’s risk assessment. There are times when that assessment calls for immediate change and times when it doesn’t. You will be informed about which applies to you and your best course of action.

You will have an ally in your corner who knows your business and how to advise you about your employees. There isn’t an employee problem we haven’t seen before in some form and our experience can be yours for the asking.

Following are just a few of the areas we review to see if your company has a threat of getting off track:

  • Application forms/letters of understanding/posters
  • Local/State/Federal Compliance
  • ADA/FLSA Reviews
  • Safety & Health (OSHA/Local State Agency Compliance)
  • Labor & Industries/State Agency Compliance
  • Unions
  • Employment Practices (employee handbooks/policy manuals)
  • Compensation systems/benefits
  • Affirmative Action Plans
  • EEO-1/VET-100 Reporting

The bottom line is…"Are You Confident in the Status Of Your "Human Resources" Function?"